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Use PLR In Your Funnels

This week I’m hosting the Content Creation Collection Toolbox.  You’ll be able to save 97% on eBooks, training, done-for-you content, low content products, and tools you’re your business.

The reason I host the CCC Toolbox is to help people with their content.

When you’re looking at all of the done-for-you content and low content products for commercial use you might be thinking – how can I make these work for me and my business.

One way to do this is to take these and create a content marketing plan.

Content marketing follows the same process as any type of marketing. You need to know your audience, your products and services, and when, where, and how to get your audience’s attention.

By using PLR you’ll be able to customize each piece to fit your needs.  That makes it unique to your brand.

Once you’ve personalized your PLR products you can create a marketing funnel.

To start a marketing funnel you’ll want to consider what consists of the three or more steps that also covers the buying journey.

A marketing funnel includes:

  1. Awareness – This is when your customer may or may not know yet about the problems they have, that they can be solved, and that you can solve them.
  2. Consideration – This is the time when the audience now knows that they have a problem that can be solved, and you need to give them exclusive content that helps them pick your solution over others.
  3. Purchase – They’ve made the purchase, and are now your customers, so now it’s your job to keep them and delight them by sending them the right content.

Understanding this cycle and what it means for the buyer is important because it also means something for you as the content creator who wants to attract and serve their ideal customer in a very customer-centric way. A content marketing funnel seeks to map the content you’re going to push to your audience and customers to the place it needs to be within the marketing funnel.

I think it’s helpful to make this funnel more in-depth to get even more specific about the content you need to develop and publish. Creating a mini funnel at each stage can be very helpful for keeping it straight in your mind.

The main reason is that even though the existence of the funnel makes it seem like the audience moves through the funnel the same way each time, the truth is, any entry point to your funnel works. So, whether they get on your list in the awareness stage or after they make a purchase, the process is the same.

How To Do This With The PLR Products in The CCC Toolbox

Write down all the done-for-you products and then arrange them in categories that are similar and can be used together.

Then you’ll want to start with getting their attention – so this could either be a blog post or social media post.

The next step is to create a low involvement barrier such as a free opt-in, challenge or printables.

The last step would be to make a tripwire and have them purchase something.

Take a look at all the PLR in the Content Creation Collection Toolbox and arrange them in this way in order to start your funnels.

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~April Lemarr