Are You Serious About Growing Your Business With Digital Products?

Imagine Offering Beautifully Designed Digital Products That Your Customers Will LOVE.... WITHOUT Putting in HOURS & HOURS of Work To Make It Happen

Trekker TidbiteBook

Trying to create high-quality, beautiful designs from scratch is difficult.

As a content creator, you know how frustrating it is to spend hours on designs for your upcoming project but the look and feel just isn't right or looks like an amateur made it.

If you've thought, "I don't know how to design"... 

or, "I don't have time to design something eye-catching and amazing."

Now you can stop worrying!

Only $17 Month


Introducing The Canva Template Toolkit Membership

The Canva Template Toolkit is a collection of templates that was designed for you to quickly and easily create beautiful short reports, lead magnets, opt-ins and so much more...

Without spending hours doing all the work.

Our Canva Templates make it easy for any content creator to come away with professional-looking free and paid digital graphics that you'd be proud to put your name on.

Canva is the fastest, easiest way to create, edit, and share on the web. 

Canva means you can create something beautiful for your audience in less time—and you can use it for any type of project. 

It is the best of both worlds.  

Save time designing and creating beautiful products.

But it is more than helping you create digital products....

I believe in your dreams and want you to succeed.

Who Is The Canva Template Toolkit For?

The Canva Template Toolkit is for content creators who know the importance of using tools in their busines to save both time and money because that is exactly what these Canva Templates are - tools.  

How?  Canva templates from the Toolkit can help you create free and paid products to grow your business.  It also lets your expertise and knowledge shine through in beautifully designed, and branded reports, freebies, printables, eBooks, and more.

But our Canva Template Toolkit doesn't just stop there because once you've taken the time to create all these amazing freebies and products you need to make sure to share them with your audience.  We provide templates to help you do this through Pinterest Pins and promotional social media graphics.

Marketing your products and getting them out to the world is just as important (maybe more so), then creating them.  Always be sharing!  We make it easy by creating templates that take the guess work out of the mockups.

What is a content creator?  You might not think you're a content creator, but they include bloggers, small businesses, soloprenuers, coaches, and so much more.

What You'll Get:

You don't have to spend hours trying to figure out what elements go where or what looks nice to create a beautiful product.  Then feel like it is lacking in creativity and that you wasted your time.  

You'll get over 120+ templates.  

Take a look September's Canva Templates:

ebook Templates

Trekker TidbiteBook
Trekker TidbitTemplate (5)
Trekker TidbitTemplate (4)
Trekker TidbitTemplate (4)
Trekker TidbitTemplate (2)
Trekker TidbitTemplate (7)

41-Page Planner Canva Design

Trekker TidbitPlanner


  • 3 Year at a Glance Calendar
  • Brainstorm
  • Travel Research Page
  • Activity / Event Research
  • Countdown Calendar
  • Places to Visit
  • Free and Low Cost Attraction List
  • Expense Tracker
  • Trip Expense
  • Budget Overview
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Pre-Trip Checklist
  • Travel Overview
  • Pre-Trip List
  • Family Packing Checklist
  • CarryOn Packing List
  • Packing List
  • Road Trip Tracker
  • Grocery List
  • Weekly Itinerary
  • Week at a Glance Travel Planner
  • Travel Itinerary Planner
  • Hotel Info
  • Accomodations
  • Checklist
  • Memories
  • Notes
Trekker TidbitPLANNER-A
Trekker TidbitPLANNER-B
Trekker TidbitPLANNER-C
Trekker TidbitPLANNER-D

Social media templates

10 Social media mockup templates

Trekker TidbitSocialMediaTemplate

20 Instagram Canva Template

Trekker TidbitINSTAGRAM-A
Trekker TidbitINSTAGRAM-A (2)

4 Instagram STory Canva Template


20 PINTEREST PIN Canva Template

  • 10 Social Media Mockup Template
  • 20 Instagram Template
  • 4-Part Instagram Story
  • 20 Pinterest PINS
  • = 54 Social Media Template Designs 

Use our Canva Tempaltes to create professionally designs for your products, opt-ins, freebies, planner, printables, and so much more.

If You Act Now, You Can Get 120+ Canva Templates Every Month - Just Pick Your Terms Below!


$17.00 monthly

You get PLR rights which means you can use them in your business to help you develop products, freebies, opt-ins, planners, etc - but when your customers get them they are for personal use only.

  • PLR Canva Template Rights:
    [YES] Can be edited and modified in any way
    [YES] Can be branded
    [YES] Can put your name as the author
    [YES] Can be used in a marketing materials for your business
    [YES] May use the graphics on your site/blog
    [YES] Can be translated to other languages
    [YES] Can use the graphics to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.
  • [NO] Cannot claim copyright to the templates
    [NO] Cannot resell the templates
    [NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR) – so you can’t sell the templates to others
    [NO] Can be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
    [NO] Cannot use my name as author

P.S. Hurry, this offer ends soon. Get yours now by choosing the PLR or PLR Resell License and clicking the buy button!

What People Say About Your Essential Toobox..


Your PLR Resell packs are really helpful, have lovely designs and will save me tons of time and money. I was overjoyed to find you are offering graphics packs as well, for us to use in our PLR low content products, I snagged the Summer pack from your "youressentialtoolbox" site even before you told us about it. Thanks so much, your products are very much appreciated and I am looking forward to your future releases.

Maureen Chesoni 


There were a couple of things I've been meaning to say. I honestly don't know why it never happens right away but here goes :)

First of all, a very big THANK YOU for your very generous freebies, bonuses and tips that you send out all year long. I may not say it often enough but please know that they are all hugely appreciated. I've learnt a lot from you and am your biggest fan :)

Diana D'Souza


I'm most excited about the worksheets, step-by-step pages, checklists, and lead magnet pages.  

I have to admit, I never considered using Canva for anything but graphics...but wow these will make other pages look good too!

Jessica Mele

April Lemarr

My name is April Lemarr and I appreciate your interest in this Canva Template.

Once you’ve purchased the content you’ll be able to download it instantly and start using it instantly.

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