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Use Our Canva Templates To Create Professionally Designs For Your Products, Opt-ins, Freebies, Planner, Printables & SO Much More!

Ready To Make Your Content & Products Look Stunning... Without Designing Them Yourself?

Trying to create high-quality, beautiful designs from scratch is difficult.

As a content creator, you know how frustrating it is to spend hours on designs for your upcoming project but the look and feel just isn't right or looks like an amateur made it.

If you've thought, "I don't know how to design"... 

or, "I don't have time to design something eye-catching and amazing."

Now you can stop worrying!

Our Canva Templates make it easy for any content creator to come away with professional-looking graphics that you'd be proud to put your name on.

It is the best of both worlds.  

Save time designing and creating beautiful products.

Select a template and get started immediately.  You can easily mix and match the Canva designs to create a completely unique product that your customers will love and that work for your business.

The Canva Template Toolkit Volume 1 with commercial use offers 123 unique design page layouts in these  categories:

  • 10 Financial Planning Pages
  • 10 Recipe Card Template Pages
  • 10 Checklists & Cheatsheet Pages
  • 11 Step By Step Process Pages
  • 30 Time Management Pages
  • 12 Tracker Pages
  • 10 Worksheet Pages
  • 5 eCover Templates
  • 20 Lead Magnet Layout Pages
  • 5 Call To Action Pages

You'll get these Canva Templates in both Letter size (8.5 X 11), as well as A4.

What You Get:

  • 123 Popular Designs in Canva Templates (what they look like are below)
  • Canva Templates in sizes: 8.5 X 11 and A4
  • These have been designed to allow you to add your own designs and creative flair to them





You get PLR rights which means you can use them in your business to help you develop products, freebies, opt-ins, planners, etc - but when your customers get them they are for personal use only.

  • PLR Canva Template Rights:
    [YES] Can be edited and modified in any way
    [YES] Can be branded
    [YES] Can put your name as the author
    [YES] Can be used in marketing materials for your business
    [YES] May use the graphics on your site/blog
    [YES] Can be translated to other languages
    [YES] Can use the graphics to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.
  • [NO] Cannot claim copyright to the templates
    [NO] Cannot resell the templates
    [NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR) – so you can’t sell the templates to others
    [NO] Can be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
    [NO] Cannot use my name as author

what you'll Get:

Financial Planning Pages

The Financial Planning Page Canva Templates offer a variety of different page types including net worth, online shopping, weekly savings, spending and so much more.

You can add a Cover on these and use as is or mix and match them to create a few printables to offer as a freebie on your site.


Recipe Card Pages

These Recipe Card Page Canva Templates are perfect for anyone who needs a little help getting started sharing their recipes. 

With these beautiful design templates, you can personalize your printable recipe cards and make them a breeze for your audience to download.

Or use them in a cookbook to sell on your site.


Checklists & Cheatsheet Pages

These Checklists and Cheatsheets templates are great for helping your audience get everything together for a variety of tasks that you need to accomplish. No more forgetting to do something!

You can use these to make checklists and cheatsheets for ANYTHING that has steps.  They are completely customizable.


Step By Step Process Pages

Step by step pages is a great way to make sure that your readers have a clear outline of how to complete a task or a goal. You can use these pages to create opt-ins, printables, freebies, and planners.

Process pages is a great way to help your reader take action and complete a specific task. Use these Canva templates for easy-to-follow action tasks.


Time Management Pages

Time management is an essential skill for anyone looking to become more productive and that means that these printables are very popular. These Canva Templates will let you create multiple printables for your audience.

You'll get two undated monthly calendars, as well as daily planners.  

Help your audience manage their time in a very simple and easy way.

Use these Time Management Page Canva Templates for your own business needs.


Tracker Pages

The Tracker Page Canva Templates has 12 different designs with a variety of looks.  Plus they're easy to customize.

Change out any of the headers to reflect what your audience wants to track.

Instead of a Mediation Tracker, you could create a Mood Tracker, a Habit Tracker, or a Books Read Tracker.

These can be changed, customized, and download to fit the needs of your business and audience.


Worksheet Pages

Use these Canva Templates to create worksheets for your students. 

These work as multiple or single page printables, an entire workbook around a certain subject, or as worksheets for your products.


 eCover Templates

Use eCover Templates to create covers for your products, including Kindle books, workbooks, and planners.

Create beautiful products with these Canva Templates.  Simply pick a template and customize it to create your own eCover. 


 Lead Magnet Layout Pages

Use Lead Magnet Layout Pages to create eBooks, workbooks, challenges, and so much more for your business.

Whether you’re a marketing professional or an entrepreneur, Lead Magnet Layout Pages, can help you build a new business or expand your existing business.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. With Lead Magnet Layout Pages you can create beautifully designed eBooks filled with valuable information that your customers will love.  


Call To Action Pages

A Call To Action tells people what they should do next, after landing on your page or reading your content. And without a good CTA, you can easily lose people who might otherwise have become loyal followers and customers.

Don't forget a CTA doesn’t need to be about a sale. You can encourage people to perform a variety of actions, such as watching a video, sending you a contact email, or downloading a free lead magnet.

A great Calls-to-Action (CTAs) can increase conversion rates by more than 60%, so including one in all of your products is essential to your business.





PLR Rights Terms:

  1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

Anything you pass on to your customer is for personal use only.

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