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Now is the time to learn how to use the content effectivetly in your business...

Discover Ways To Use Done-For You Content & Low Content Products In Business From A Few Of The Contributors

I've done something a little different for the upgrade this year.

First, you're going to get additional training from the contributors so that you can use your content more effectively by repurposing, creating a content calendar in an hour, and getting traffic.  These women know their stuff and it is diverse training that is going to grow your business.

One of the women contributed done-for-you Kindle Covers in the Photoshop format.  These will work for two of the trainings you'll be getting in the Toolbox.

Then my team has downloaded a few of the low content products from the Toolbox and created promotional graphics in Canva for you to use to help you share these products with your audience.  These are already done.  You can leave as is, download and start using them right away or you can change the colors to reflect your brand and download them after.  With Canva changing colors takes a minutes or two.

All of these are designed to move you foward in your business as quickly as possible.  They provide you with the training and resources to get it done.

You're also going to get a spreadsheet where you'll be able to record your information in it to let you know when you downloaded the product.

This upgrade is worth WAY more than the price attached to it just in the time that you're going to save.  I've paid my team more than that to help me download the low content products and then design the Canva templates.

what you'll Learn

Become A Content Repurposing Queen

Lisa Kelly-Mulhern

t's time to Stop Spinning Your Wheels, stop wasting time & energy in the Minutiae of constantly creating new content, trying to consistently recreate the wheel! Instead be smart, uncover the hidden gems you already have, even if you have long forgotten them.

Time to get organised, put this content to work for you so you can concentrate on taking better care of your customers while enjoying more free time and stress free business growth. Client's will think you are superwoman when they see you blowing up all over the place, competitors will wonder how you're doing it.

I know how hard it is to juggle or find “balance”. Feeling like you are being pulled in 101 directions, like you need to be present everywhere, with new platforms popping up what seems like on a daily basis. No need to keep sacrificing your health, sanity and above all family time to grow your business. Get out of the hustle and grow your business exponentially with powerful, smart and planned content creation.

Get my 4 part course on how to become a true content queen and make your content work for you...

Embrace Optimism 

Cheryl Major

In this course, “Embrace Optimism”, I dig deep with information that will educate and inform you about the very important subject of optimism. Now especially it is more important than ever to be constantly feeding our heads positive talk, reading positive books and learning to be more positive in general.

Admittedly, some days it’s easier than others to be positive. I believe we need a community to stick together and help us move forward as one solid, positive unit through our days and through the year.

There is a definite link between what you “feed my head” and how you feel. I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned, because what I discovered is amazing!!

The really good news is that it’s not hard if you have someone to guide you along the way…

I want to share with you what I’ve learned so you too have the chance to experience life changing benefits!

“Embrace Optimism” is a Course Designed to Give You Ongoing Support So You Can Move Ahead At Your Own Pace and Learn To Be A More Positive, More Optimistic Person – Making Choices and Taking Small Steps for Big Changes that Support Your Improved Mental Attitude!

“Embrace Optimism” will give you direction and support. You will have:

*An Easy to Read Report on the Benefits of Learning to be Optimistic

*A Check List So You Can Develop an Understanding of Where You are Right Now with Your Own Level of Optimism

*A Yearly Planner/Journal to Help You Embrace Optimism in Your Life

*An Educational Webinar – Recorded and in The Members Section So You Can Listen at Your Convenience

Your Health and Well Being are Priceless!

50 PLR Editable Kindle Covers

If you want to make an ebook cover quickly, then this offer is just what you need. You will get 50 professionally-made ebook covers in PSD format.

These 50 PLR editable kindle covers are brandable and ready to be published. 

The ebook covers are 100% editable, you can replace images with your own and layout it any way you like. There are 50 cover designs. Easy to edit. Easy to customize. Easy to use in your Kindle books.

Cover Pre

Canva Mockups Templates

Over the years I've noticed that most content marketers don’t do enough to promote their content. Typically, content marketers put their products up and then they won't share it.

In the CCC Toolbox you bought several low content products with commercial use.

To help you share all of a few of these amazing products with your audience my team and I have created high-quality mockups to help you display them in an attractive way that encourages people to download them.

Each low-content product that we've created Canva Templates for has four different mockups for you. These invite your audience to download your prouct.

This will give you a head start for you started sharing these as soon as possible.

NOTE: You'll still need to download each of these products from the contributor.  These mockups are here to help you after you've downloaded, personalized, and made your own.

For the Canva Templates you can leave as is, download them images and start sharing or you can brand with your colors, add your URL and use as them as you'd like to.  You can even use them for your other products.  I've even included the blank Canva Mockup Templates to make it even easier.



Creating a Pin For a Planner, Plus Pinterest Tips & Strategies


Becky & I got on a Zoom call and she walks you through creating a Pin on Canva, how to upload it and then she shares some of her secret strategies on using Pinterest.

This is an hour of Pinterest tips you don't want to miss.

Becky has grown her following and gets tons of traffic through Pinterest.  Take a behind the scenes look at how she does it.

Stop the Content Chaos. Create 1 Month of Your Content Calendar in 1 Hour  

Are you a blogger, business owner or freelancer who's looking to create more content?  Do you find yourself creating your content calendar on the fly? Are you tired of not having enough time to create the content that your audience wants to read?

I'll help you create a content calendar that is strategic, organized, and designed to help grow your business.

Using PLR In Your Blogging Business Workshop

Last year I was a guest on a summit and share how to use PLR in your blogging business.

I go over a LOT in this workshop.  Make sure to grab a pen and paper so that you can take notes.  :)

I share how I use PLR and how you can use it as well. 

Personalizing PLR Video Tutorials

One of the biggest challenges that people have when they're starting to use PLR is how to personalize them.  What is allowed, what isn't.  I recorded four over the shoulder videos walking you through the process and showing you how I do it.

Video 1: Rewrite Your Done-For-You Blog Posts

Video 2: Add Value To Your Content (I added action steps to each of my subtopics)

Video 3: Combine Two Articles Effectively

Video 4: Personalize Your Done-For-You Content With Stories

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