Content Creation Collection Toolbox

This toolbox is a collaboration of the best training (courses & eBooks), high-quality done-for-you content, beautifully crafted commercial use low content books, developer rights plugin, and Canva templates you'll find on the web by over 54 product creators.

That's right - with this toolbox you're not getting just one person's product but 54!

Valued at over $1,316 for a fraction of the cost!


Over $1,316 Worth of Products!

Build Your Personal Brand & Content Strategy With The Content Creation Collection Bundle

If there’s one thing that’s true for all online entrepreneurs –it’s this: Content is king.

And queen. And knights, jesters and peasants, too.

Content is the backbone of any online marketing strategy.

Basically, it’s everything.

Unfortunately, creating content can be a painstaking process. It can take hours (or days!) to string together a decent (let alone fantastic and audience-worthy) blog post, email series or webinar.

We feel like we’re fresh out of fresh ideas.

We wrack our brains–and nothing.

We feel like we’ve already said the same thing a million times before.

And frankly, we start to feel like maybe the whole “creating content” thing is just a big waste of time, money and energy. (Although truthfully we know it’s not–since it does work, when we work it.)

Sound oh-too-true?

Don’t worry–we’ve all been there!

The other day I read not one, but two separate piece of content that said working online isn't easy.  One was specifically for blogging and other one was about launching products.

And guess what?

It isn't easy.  BUT we still do it because we're entreprenuer's and we want to create our own schedules and have the freedom to do what we want.

Plus the  Content Creation Collection Bundle has made it much easier.  You're going to get some amazing products and training.

This bundle offers over 45 products valued at $1,316+!

Here's What You'll Get In The Bundle:

Freelance Survival Pack

Thinking about becoming a freelancer?

Maybe you’re currently working for someone else but have the urge to venture out on your own.

Perhaps you’ve lost your job or sense job loss or reduced hours are on the horizon

A side gig might be calling your name.

Taking that first step can be daunting.

Where do I start?

How do I keep track of my work?

How do I stay motivated?

How do I keep track of my hours and money owed?

Susan Palmquist

Budget Smart Girl


 Value: $27.00

Flexi Stick-Oh! Quotes

This set of 15 well-crafted PLR quotes are highly flexible for use in your printables, journals, workbooks, mugs, shirts, cards, posters, social media graphics, and other uses.

They come in PNG and JPG formats, framed and plain.

Maria Silvo

Maria Silvo

Artsy Challenge


 Value: $27.00

Nail Your Niche Workbook and Masterclass 

How well you've defined your niche determines your success in online business.

As an SEO and monetization coach, she finds that her clients have not mastered their niche and rather, sit in a broader category, not finding the success they're hoping for. 

She developed this workbook with a unique formula that helps you to really narrow down on your specialization, find your ideal target audience and monetize your content better. 

BWM FB - Monique Math

Monique Solomon

Blog With Mo


 Value: $39.00

90 Christmas Decoration Articles

This set of 15 well-crafted PLR quotes are highly flexible for use in your:

  • printables
  • journals
  • workbooks
  • mugs 
  • shirts
  • cards
  • posters
  • social media graphics
  • and other uses. 

They come in PNG and JPG formats, framed and plain.

Angela Hobbs

Colors My Agenda


 Value: $17.00

Easy Peasy Email Growth

DON'T STOP DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS GET YOUR ESP SETUP TODAY! ESP (not Extrasensory perception) is your Email Service Provider or Email Marketing Platform.

Setting one up for the first time can be a daunting task because there are so many pieces that need to be configured. 

Stop the procrastination and get it done today with this course that will take you step-by-step and show you how easy it can be to grow your email list and your business. 


Training by Cousett Hoover

Techie Mama


 Value: $40.00

Stress Free Holiday Planner

Our Stress Free Holiday Planner can help you stay calm during one of the most stressful times of the year. This 35 page planner can help you organize your holiday season and create one of the most memorable holidays ever!

Stress Free Holiday Planner includes:

•Cover Page

•Undated Planner

•2021 Dated Planner

•Grocery List

•Guest RSVP

•Gift List


•Holiday Card List

•Meal Planning

•Baking Recipe Card

•Recipe Card

•Weekly To Do

•Stocking Stuffer List

•Cyber Monday


•Holiday Bucket List

•Black Friday Shopping

•Journal Page

•Family Quote and more

The Stress Free Holiday Planner template comes in 8.5 x 11” size. . . it's a PDF Template and has 35 pages. This planner comes with Commercial Use. You have full commercial rights to rebrand it how you please.

You could use this planner as personal use planner or sell it on Etsy, Shopify website or create a book or journal for Amazon and collect collect royalty payments. You CAN NOT resell the Powerpoint template as PLR or commercial rights. You CAN NOT resell the PDF template for PLR or commercial rights.


 Value: $39.00

DiAnne Belin

Inspiration For The Good Lie

100 Editable Quotes & Affirmations Bundle

This bundle contains 100 different quotes and affirmations that are easily editable in the free version of Canva.

And using these will mean you’ll always have something to post on your social media accounts, in your blog or as part of your emails. You can change the colors, the fonts, the size - even the text. And the best part?

The bundle comes with full commercial rights, meaning you can brand and sell these as your own.

The only two thing you cannot do, is resell the resell rights in any way or form, or use my name/brand as the creator on your end products.


Cecilie Aslaksen

Mom Making Money at Home


 Value: $37.00

Easy Personalized POD Quickstart

How would you like to create popular personalized POD products even faster with in-demand DFY content?

With these DFY templates and over-the-shoulder tutorials, you can simply customize, and sell POD products people buy over and over again! No design experience or fancy software needed!

Using these easily customizable templates in easy to edit PPT format, you can create POD designs you can sell on sites like Etsy, and other popular marketplaces in mere minutes! Included with the templates is a step-by-step video to walk you through the simple process of customization AND free fonts that you can use in any of your products!

All the templates are in incredibly popular niches that are proven best sellers...


Amy Harrop


 Value: $27.00

Work at Home Planner

Regardless of your personal situation, you'll have to figure out that work - life balance for yourself.

This Planner can help you manage that with a variety of 20 different templates that can be useful whether you run your own business, or work remotely for someone else. 


Jenn Brockman

Planning Addicts


 Value: $24.99

5 Opt-In Templates

Get these 5 PLR/commercial use templates from Foxlike Files for the easiest mix and match opt-in package! Use these templates however you want. Create a custom, one-page printable opt-in offer to grow your mailing list. Create handouts or an entire workbook for your course.

•Itemized checklist with notes
•To do list
•Worksheet with 4 questions
•Notes sheet
•5 step checklist with notes
•All 5 templates come in 7 different colours for a total of 35 pages

These templates can be adapted for any niche and come ready to customize in 7 different colours. All templates are provided as PowerPoint files for user-friendly, fully editable opt-ins.


Fox Likes Files


 Value: $17.00

Strawberry Sundae Stationery Kit Bundle

This Strawberry Sundae Stationery Kit Bundle is a fabulous package of 4 sets of strawberry chocolate designs, perfect for a wide variety of uses, which comes with a cover/background image plus 39 templates in each kit – for a total of 160 pages – complete with commercial use rights so you can use them with:

– journals
– planners
– calendars
– background pages
– puzzles
– and other projects

Mix and match for endless design ideas! These kits and templates will enhance any of your creations simply and easily and make them stand out from the crowd, giving you multiple opportunities to benefit.

The kits come in 8.5″ x 11″ size and 300dpi JPG format, suitable for both digital and print designs.

Stephanie Hansen

Stephanie Hansen

Wildflower Digitals


 Value: $37.00

Through the Year Pin & IG Canva Template Bundle

You know you'd be getting more sales if you only promoted your products more, but who has time to create all those images for product after product?

Make it easy to promote and sell you printable and low-content products with the Through the Year Canva Template Bundle.

It includes 30 Pinterest and 30 Instagram templates that will make it easy to promote your products all year long. Stop starting at a blank canvas and simply create the perfect image to showcase your product. 

Bethany Ishee

PLR Perfect


 Value: $27.00

Textured Paper Pack

Get 60 original and unique textured digital papers to use in your low-content creation business. The papers come in 6 colors and 10 different textures.

You can use them in journals, planners, calendars, to make stickers, gift tags, bookmarks and whatever else you can think of.

This pack also includes120 Done For You journal pages, both lined and blank, and there are 12 dated 2022 monthly calendar pages made with the textured papers as well as a year at a glance page.

You can edit the journal and calendar pages in PowerPoint so you can change the backgrounds, add text and other graphics or just mix and match with the digital papers to make your own unique products to sell on Etsy or your own website. 

Shannon Furrow

Shannon Furrow

Creative Printable Designs


 Value: $37.00

Fall Productivity Planner Template

Fall Productivity Planner Template For Commercial Use – a complete bundle with 40 unique planner pages of Weekly, Daily, Monthly planner with 2021-2022 Calendars, Priority list, To-do list, End of year activity tracker and more to help your customers stay organized and be ready for the end of year season.

This template bundle comes with commercial use license that you can sell the finished planner PDF to end users on Etsy, Shopify and your own website.


Carmen Chan

Simply Couture Designs


 Value: $37.00

Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: Heart Disease

Break Into The Billion Dollar Heart Disease Niche With These Professional Medical Content Pieces That You Can Repurpose To Use In Almost Any Way You Want! I'm Doctor Loy Puckett MD (Doctor Loy), and I've been an ER physician for over 25 years.

I've taken care of patients with all kinds of medical problems. What I'm presenting to you in this package is Premium Medical Content with Private Label Rights.

I'm directly involved in the research, writing, and editing of each content piece I produce under my brand, Doctor Loy. It must meet my standards and you can be assured that you are receiving only quality medical content.

The Premium Medical Content in this package will establish you as a leader to help you dominate this very prominent niche. This is fresh, highly desired content designed for your success!

Loy Puckett

Loy Puckett

Doctor Loy


 Value: $47.00


The Goals to Success Planner is a comprehensive, undated calendar planner that will help you stay on top of your busy life. It is perfect for way to keep your goals in sight and track your progress towards them as you grow.

You Deserve To SUCCEED!

The Goals to Success Planner 65-Pages Include...

3 Covers to Choose From
2 "The Goals to Success Planner" Belongs to Choose From
2 Sets of Monthly Dividers to Choose From (24 pages)
12 Undated Monthly Calendars Sunday Start
12 Undated Monthly Calendars Monday Start
2 Wall Art Printables
This Year's Goals
Goal Action Plan
Future Life
Daily Schedule
Monthly Progress
To Do
Brain Dump
Vision Board

The planner is a great way to begin listing and visualizing your goals and dreams.


 Value: $27.00


Kelly Netzband

Simply Love PLR

Easy Online Income

Get Easy Online Incomes and start making money with it fast it includes a done for you reseller website with sales page and squeeze page plus follow up email sequence and a report full of high value info in a hot selling niche


Conor Woodward


 Value: $17.95

Premium Leatherworking Lite

In this pack of premium, Done-For-You content, you get five, quality articles.

To make using this content as simple as possible, you get the articles in both plain text and professionally designed PDFs that include a unique, deluxe layout full of beautiful images of the leatherworking process (all sourced from royalty-free repositories, to make sure they are safe for you to use).

As an added bonus, you also get the 3,000 word "A Beginner's Guide To Leatherworking," delivered as a TXT file, WordPress markup, and PowerPoint & Word templates AND a handy Leatherworking Logbook that helps your readers plan their products.

Steve Mellor

Stephen Mellor

Premium Leatherworking Lite


 Value: $17.97

GOURDeous Planner

Create your next best-selling Planner or Printables using our GOURDeous Planner templates!

These editable powerpoint files are ready for you to add your branding, or completely replace the colors & fonts (but why would you want to?) and sell them to your own customers!

You get both powerpoint and PDF files, along with 3 sizes and private label rights. 


Jenn Brockman

Planning Addicts


 Value: $34.99

Goals Setting Workbook

This done-for-you workbook will help your customers about the art of setting and achieving goals.

You’ll be able to help them identify the things that are restricting them and give clarity on what steps to follow. With PLR license.


Ana Tarouca

My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique


 Value: $21.00

Halloween Planner Pack

Beautiful Watercolored Halloween Planner that includes:

  • backgrounds
  • graphics
  • planner template pages. 

Use it to plan your Halloween party.

Lynn Webb

Lynn Webb

Planner Creator PLR


 Value: $27.00

30-Day Etsy Planner, Etsy Journal + Bonus- Etsy Checklist

30-Day Etsy Planner and Etsy Journal + Bonus- Etsy Checklist

10 - Unique Workspace Pages

This Etsy Planner includes 55-Pages to get you through a 30-Day Period of Planning, Listing, Selling, and Tracking.

Each page is geared towards keeping track of your "Etsy Store" for 30-Days.

Cover Included:

Blue Plaid
Size - 8 x 10

30-Day Etsy Journal

3-Unique Pages
63 - Page Etsy Journal for Planning and Recording notes.

Page 1 - Note taking and sketches.

Page - 2 Items to list, Successful Items, Items to Edit, and Keywords.

Cover Included: Blue and Lavender

Size - 8 x 10
dpi - 300


 Value: $27.00

Elizabeth J Neal

My Amazing Content

Bohemian Dreams Digital Paper

Seamless Bohemian inspired digital papers featuring natural colors in various rich hues including:

Bodhi Brown , Cinnamon, Desert Sand, Ginger, Persian, Peruvian, Poetic Pink, and Spice Market

All in high resolution, 300 DPI, PNG format. 8 Unique packs containing 12 digital papers each.

Commercial Use Rights

Kimberly Hamilton

Kimberly Hamilton

Gypsy Soul Printables


 Value: $30.00

Thanksgiving Planner 2021 (Canva Templates)

Done-for-you Thanksgiving Planner 2022 in beautiful floral designs!

Comes with full commercial rights that you can upload and sell right away to make money online!

You don’t have to be a designer to sell beautiful printables.

Simply upload these done-for-you printable planners to your own website and sell them right away!

An incredibly simple and fast way to make money online!


Faith Lee

Faith's Biz Academy


 Value: $27.00

Boho Rainbow Business Planner

This beautiful boho rainbow business planner will delight solo entrepreneurs who want to plan their businesses and manage their strategy, competition, revenue, and profit.

26 pages in both A4 and US letter format.

PLR Commercial Rights.

Editable with both Powerpoint and Canva. 


Jan Small

Simple Happiness


 Value: $27.00

Daily Journal & Calendar (Cartoon Dog Theme)

Mitzy Thompson from has included a brand new printable Daily Journal & Calendar (with a fun cartoon dog theme) with PLR rights. The Canva templates are included. The journal includes a cute dog design and the backgrounds are provided in high quality 300dpi JPGs.

You can use this Daily Journal yourself or sell it as your own product. In addition to the Canva templates you'll also receive a PDF file so you can instantly use this journal as a freebie to give to your audience or reward new friends when they join your email list.

This printable product offers a 1 month/5 week journal which can be printed for as many months as you desire. The initial pages at the beginning of the month cover lists and reminders for lots of different events, travel, hobbies, projects and more. After the initial pages, there are weekly and daily entry pages to cover the full month.

If you're looking for a cute journal with lots of practical pages, this printable product is exactly what you need.


Mitzy Thompson

Busy Bee Content


 Value: $37.00

Content Mindset Magic

Diagnose and eliminate content creation roadblocks so you can focus on the parts of your business you love!

You will learn the top seven mental blocks to creating great content and how to ZAP them!

Once you free yourself of these blocks you will find it easier to publish content that you feel great about.

Improve your content mindset to more easily write and publish content that will keep you connected with your list, attract new clients that are a good fit, and showcase your talents and value.


Amy Smereck

Fruitful Freelancing


 Value: $27.00

Weekly Productivity Planner PLR