Content Creation Collection Toolbox

This toolbox is a collaboration of the best training (courses & eBooks), high-quality done-for-you content, beautifully crafted commercial use low content books, developer rights plugin, and Canva templates you'll find on the web by over 45 product creators.

That's right - with this toolbox you're not getting just one person's product but 45!

Valued at over $1,416.85 for a fraction of the cost!


45 Content Creation Shortcuts, Tools & Training

at over 98% Discount!





The Struggle to Create Content Consistently Is Real...

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time to create all the content required to run your business?  No matter how hard you try there is always another piece of content you need.

Then when you have time to create you sit down and feel overwhelmed with researching, writing and releasing the content (whether it is blog posts, opt-ins, products, etc) because there is so much to do.

Don’t worry–we’ve all been there!

But there IS another way to “do” content.

Introducing the Content Creation Collection Toolbox - It's Your Shortcut To...

Master Content Creation & Increasing Your Content Output 

Just imagine for a second you have all the Canva templates, done-for-you content and training that you'll need to quickly and easily manage, create, schedule and produce thought provoking content to communicate with your audience better, update your blog frequently and gain loyalty and trust from your audience with positive connections.

That's exactly what the Content Creation Collection Toolbox will do for you.  Learn to leverage your content and rapidly grow your business.

What Is The Content Creation Collection Going To Do For You?  It'll Help You....

Save Time With Done-For-You Products, Content & Graphic Images

Get More Qualified Leads By

Consisently Putting Content Out 

Take the Overwhelm Out Of Product Creation With Ready To Use Content

Strengthen Your Knowledge of Content Creation & Marketing With Effective Training

Offer Value & Build Relationships With Your Readers  - Quickly

Create Your Own Branded Product With Done-For-You Products

It's Your Simple Solution To Your Content Needs



Training Courses, Workshops & eCourse

Training by Monique Solomon

Nail Your Niche Workbook and Masterclass 


How well you've defined your niche determines your success in online business. As an SEO and monetization coach, I find my clients have not mastered their niche and rather, sit in a broader category, not finding the success they're hoping for. I developed this workbook with a unique formula that helps you to really narrow down on your specialization, find your ideal target audience and monetize your content better.


Training by Cousett Hoover

Easy Peasy Email Growth


DON'T STOP DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS GET YOUR ESP SETUP TODAY! ESP (not Extrasensory perception) is your Email Service Provider or Email Marketing Platform. Setting one up for the first time can be a daunting task because there are so many pieces that need to be configured. Stop the procrastination and get it done today with this course that will take you step-by-step and show you how easy it can be to grow your email list and your business. 


Training by Amy Smereck

Content Mindset Magic


Diagnose and eliminate content creation roadblocks so you can focus on the parts of your business you love! You will learn the top seven mental blocks to creating great content and how to ZAP them! Once you free yourself of these blocks you will find it easier to publish content that you feel great about. Improve your content mindset to more easily write and publish content that will keep you connected with your list, attract new clients that are a good fit, and showcase your talents and value.


Training by Val Selby

14 Quick Biz Actions


Don't let your busy schedule keep you from moving your business forward. Follow these 14 quick biz actions to improve your site, gain reach, collaborate and most of all...get more sales.

Grab one of the actions from the guide, then watch the quick video to go with it. Then you probably guessed what's next? Go get biz done!


Social Media Graphic Quotes

100 Editable Quotes & Affirmations Bundle by Cecilie Aslaksen

Gratitude Quote Images & More PLR


This bundle contains 100 different quotes and affirmations that are easily editable in the free version of Canva. And using these will mean you’ll always have something to post on your social media accounts, in your blog or as part of your emails. You can change the colors, the fonts, the size - even the text. And the best part? The bundle comes with full commercial rights, meaning you can brand and sell these as your own. The only two thing you cannot do, is resell the resell rights in any way or form, or use my name/brand as the creator on your end products.


DFY Social Media Graphic Quotes by vikas Upadhyay

Canva Template Volume 1 [Health Niche]


30 Canva Templates in Health Niche with Private Label Rights.

Feel free to use them for your business, or for your client.

If you want you can give them away for leads, or even for good karma.

But, remember the same rights do not apply to the ones who receive this excellent product from you. They can use them only on their own sites, in the same form, or after editing.

You can use these templates as inspiration to create even more content for your sites.


 Pin & IG Canva Template Bundle Pack by Bethany Ishee

Through the Year Pin & IG Canva Template Bundle


You know you'd be getting more sales if you only promoted your products more, but who has time to create all those images for product after product? Make it easy to promote and sell you printable and low-content products with the Through the Year Canva Template Bundle. It includes 30 Pinterest and 30 Instagram templates that will make it easy to promote your products all year long. Stop starting at a blank canvas and simply create the perfect image to showcase your product.


Done-For-You Content

done-for-you content by april lemarr

multiple done-for-you personal developement content packs


This is a set of 5 different personal development PLR packs on a variety of topics.  You'll be able to set these up as blog posts, email sequences, opt-ins, and so much more.

done-for-you quotes by Maria silvo

Flexi Stick-Oh! Quotes


This set of 15 well-crafted PLR quotes are highly flexible for use in your printables, journals, workbooks, mugs, shirts, cards, posters, social media graphics, and other uses. They come in PNG and JPG formats, framed and plain.


done-for-you articles by Angela Hobbs

90 Christmas Decoration Articles


Here is a wonderful collection of premium PLR articles which can be used for a variety of purposes. Use them for article marketing, creating your very own product such as an ebook, or planners, sell them individually, use as blog posts, and so many more uses.
Tree crafts, making decorations, kids activities, a valuable pack of articles.

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

[YES]Can be sold
[YES]Can be used for personal use
[YES]Can be packaged with other products
[YES]Can modify/change the sales letter
[YES]Can modify/change the main product
[YES]Can modify/change the graphics and ecover
[YES]Can be added into paid membership websites
[YES]Can put your name on the sales letter
[YES]Can be offered as a bonus
[YES]Can be used to build a list
[YES]Can print/publish offline
[YES]Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights
[YES]Can convey and sell Resale Rights
[YES]Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights
[YES]Can be given away for free
[YES]Can be added to free membership websites
[YES]Can convey and sell Private Label Rights

Grab your package now, and get a jump on the Christmas Holidays.


Premium Medical Content by Loy Puckett

(PLR) Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: Heart Disease


Break Into The Billion Dollar Heart Disease Niche With These Professional Medical Content Pieces That You Can Repurpose To Use In Almost Any Way You Want! I'm Doctor Loy Puckett MD (Doctor Loy), and I've been an ER physician for over 25 years. I've taken care of patients with all kinds of medical problems. What I'm presenting to you in this package is Premium Medical Content with Private Label Rights. I'm directly involved in the research, writing, and editing of each content piece I produce under my brand, Doctor Loy. It must meet my standards and you can be assured that you are receiving only quality medical content. The Premium Medical Content in this package will establish you as a leader to help you dominate this very prominent niche. This is fresh, highly desired content designed for your success!


dfy reseller website by Conor

Easy Online Income 


Get Easy Online Incomes and start making money with it fast it includes a done for you reseller website with sales page and squeeze page plus follow up email sequence and a report full of high value info in a hot selling niche


articles by Stephen Mellor

Premium Leatherworking Lite


In this pack of premium, Done-For-You content, you get five, quality articles. To make using this content as simple as possible, you get the articles in both plain text and professionally designed PDFs that include a unique, deluxe layout full of beautiful images of the leatherworking process (all sourced from royalty-free repositories, to make sure they are safe for you to use).

As an added bonus, you also get the 3,000 word "A Beginner's Guide To Leatherworking," delivered as a TXT file, WordPress markup, and PowerPoint & Word templates AND a handy Leatherworking Logbook that helps your readers plan their products.


workbook by Ana Tarouca

Goals Setting Workbook


This done-for-you workbook will help your customers about the art of setting and achieving goals. You’ll be able to help them identify the things that are restricting them and give clarity on what steps to follow. With PLR license.


action sheets by Neill MacKenzie

PLR Action Sheets with DFY Rebranded Content


Grab These 3 PLR Action Sheets With Done-For-You Rebranded Content and a Bonus Personalised Lead Magnet.
Today I've released 3 PLR self-esteem Action Sheet articles and then repurposed them into a bundle of the most popular formats:
3 Action Sheets in docx, odt, txt formats (approx. 800 words each)
3 Presentations in pptx format
6 videos (3 silent and 3 with male voiceover) in mp4 format
3 Audio files in mp3 format
Bonus PDF Lead Magnet Personalized with your name, contact details and affiliate link
No matter what your business we all suffer from low self-esteem at some time which makes this PLR ideal to support ANY niche.
All the Action Sheets, the repurposed content AND the Personalized PDF can be used as filler for your blog/website and since they ALL carry full Private Label Rights you have almost no limitations for their use.
You can sell it or give it away for lead generation i.e. as lead magnets or distribute it far and wide to drive traffic back to your site.


guidebook by Dee Power

Basics of Business Guidebook


The Basics of Business Startup PLR
Starting a business is never easy. There are so many questions to be answered. What type of business? Online or Offline? How do you market your business? How do you set up a home office? Do you need a busiess account. What about a business plan?

This 3,000 word guidebook gives you the answers.

Written by Dee Power who has assisted hundreds of businesses and is the author of a number of commercially published books.


action sheets by Neill MacKenzie

PLR Action Sheets with DFY Rebranded Content


Grab These 3 PLR Action Sheets With Done-For-You Rebranded Content and a Bonus Personalised Lead Magnet.
Today I've released 3 PLR self-esteem Action Sheet articles and then repurposed them into a bundle of the most popular formats:
3 Action Sheets in docx, odt, txt formats (approx. 800 words each)
3 Presentations in pptx format
6 videos (3 silent and 3 with male voiceover) in mp4 format
3 Audio files in mp3 format
Bonus PDF Lead Magnet Personalized with your name, contact details and affiliate link
No matter what your business we all suffer from low self-esteem at some time which makes this PLR ideal to support ANY niche.
All the Action Sheets, the repurposed content AND the Personalized PDF can be used as filler for your blog/website and since they ALL carry full Private Label Rights you have almost no limitations for their use.
You can sell it or give it away for lead generation i.e. as lead magnets or distribute it far and wide to drive traffic back to your site.


journal by Michelle Farmer

Kids School Keepsake Journal PLR


I was inspired to create this journal because it's Back To School time and I made one of these for my son when we homeschool. He really loved looking through all the pages when he graduated, what fun memories to share and save. I've seen other journals selling on Etsy that aren't near as fun as this one is.


PLR Bundle by Tara Alexandra

Procrastination PLR Bundle


The Procrastination PLR Bundle is perfect for any niche. Includes an article about procrastination, tips, book list, quotes, quote images (Instagram) and 22 discovery questions that can be fashioned into a workbook, printables, coaching questions and more.


planner by Sherry Loren

2021 Q4 Business Planner


This elegant Business Planner is ready to sell in your personal store with 121 pages, 5 covers and backs. Pages include 1, 3, 6 and 12 month goals, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendar Pages and so much more. Everything you need to keep on track for the Q4 season.Just download it and go. 8.5 x 11 in jpg, pdf and pptx files and PLR.


journal by Gabby Conde

Body Positivity Journal


Are your customers tired of trying to achieve the perfect body? The Body Positivity Journal helps your customers accept your body the way it is. It's a daily reminder to love themselves and to be confident in their own skin. This journal will help them release negative thoughts and develop a healthy body image. It comes in 4 sizes that include 8.5x11, 8x10, 6x9, and A4 in color and black & white. You also get 31 days of body positivity journal prompts, a done-for-you journal, and vector images with PLR and commercial use rights.


templates by Amy Harrop

Easy Personalized POD Quickstart


How would you like to create popular personalized POD products even faster with in-demand DFY content?

With these DFY templates and over-the-shoulder tutorials, you can simply customize, and sell POD products people buy over and over again! No design experience or fancy software needed!

Using these easily customizable templates in easy to edit PPT format, you can create POD designs you can sell on sites like Etsy, and other popular marketplaces in mere minutes! Included with the templates is a step-by-step video to walk you through the simple process of customization AND free fonts that you can use in any of your products!

All the templates are in incredibly popular niches that are proven best sellers...


Calendar and Journal by Christina Salus

Bubbles and Unicorns 2022 Calendar and Journal


Bubbles and Unicorns'
8.5 x 11 Journal/Diary/Notebook
8.5 x 11 Printable 2022 Desk or Wall Calendar
Adorable, Bright and Cheerful! Girls of all ages with love writing in their inspirational unicorn journal and using the matching calendar.

Use these done for you products by adding to your current planners, and workbooks. Brand them. Market them as a bundle, or individually. You are now ready to sell them on your e-commerce platforms.


DFY Low Content Products


Work at home Planner


Regardless of your personal situation, you'll have to figure out that work - life balance for yourself. Our Planner can help you manage that with a variety of 20 different templates that can be useful whether you run your own business, or work remotely for someone else.


DONE-FOR-YOU templates BY dodge

5 Opt-In Templates


"Get these 5 PLR/commercial use templates from Foxlike Files for the easiest mix and match opt-in package! Use these templates however you want. Create a custom, one-page printable opt-in offer to grow your mailing list. Create handouts or an entire workbook for your course. These templates can be adapted for any niche and come ready to customize in 7 different colours. All templates are provided as PowerPoint files for user-friendly, fully editable opt-ins.

•Itemized checklist with notes
•To do list
•Worksheet with 4 questions
•Notes sheet
•5 step checklist with notes
•All 5 templates come in 7 different colours for a total of 35 pages"


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Carmen Chan

Fall Productivity Planner Template


Fall Productivity Planner Template For Commercial Use – a complete bundle with 40 unique planner pages of Weekly, Daily, Monthly planner with 2021-2022 Calendars, Priority list, To-do list, End of year activity tracker and more to help your customers stay organized and be ready for the end of year season. This template bundle comes with commercial use license that you can sell the finished planner PDF to end users on Etsy, Shopify and your own website.

Fall 2021 CCCTOOLBOX-CarmenChan

DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Kelly Netzband



The Goals to Success Planner is a comprehensive, undated calendar planner that will help you stay on top of your busy life. It is perfect for way to keep your goals in sight and track your progress towards them as you grow. The planner is a great way to begin listing and visualizing your goals and dreams.

You Deserve To SUCCEED!

The Goals to Success Planner 65-Pages Include...

3 Covers to Choose From
2 "The Goals to Success Planner" Belongs to Choose From
2 Sets of Monthly Dividers to Choose From (24 pages)
12 Undated Monthly Calendars Sunday Start
12 Undated Monthly Calendars Monday Start
2 Wall Art Printables
This Year's Goals
Goal Action Plan
Future Life
Daily Schedule
Monthly Progress
To Do
Brain Dump
Vision Board


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Jenn Brockman

GOURDeous Planner


Create your next best-selling Planner or Printables using our GOURDeous Planner templates! These editable powerpoint files are ready for you to add your branding, or completely replace the colors & fonts (but why would you want to?) and sell them to your own customers! You get both powerpoint and PDF files, along with 3 sizes and private label rights.


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Lynn Webb

Halloween Planner Pack


Beautiful Watercolored backgrounds and graphics, along with planner template pages.  


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Faith Lee

Thanksgiving Planner 2021 (Canva Templates)


Done-for-you Thanksgiving Planner 2022 in beautiful floral designs!

Comes with full commercial rights that you can upload and sell right away to make money online!

You don’t have to be a designer to sell beautiful printables.

Simply upload these done-for-you printable planners to your own website and sell them right away!

An incredibly simple and fast way to make money online!


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY jan small

Boho Rainbow Business Planner


This beautiful boho rainbow business planner will delight solo entrepreneurs who want to plan their businesses and manage their strategy, competition, revenue, and profit. 26 pages in both A4 and US letter format. PLR Commercial Rights. Editable with both Powerpoint and Canva.


DONE-FOR-YOU journal and calendar BY Mitzy Thompson

Daily Journal & Calendar (Cartoon Dog Theme)


Mitzy Thompson from BusyBeeContent.com has included a brand new printable Daily Journal & Calendar (with a fun cartoon dog theme) with PLR rights. The Canva templates are included. The journal includes a cute dog design and the backgrounds are provided in high quality 300dpi JPGs.

You can use this Daily Journal yourself or sell it as your own product. In addition to the Canva templates you'll also receive a PDF file so you can instantly use this journal as a freebie to give to your audience or reward new friends when they join your email list.

This printable product offers a 1 month/5 week journal which can be printed for as many months as you desire. The initial pages at the beginning of the month cover lists and reminders for lots of different events, travel, hobbies, projects and more. After the initial pages, there are weekly and daily entry pages to cover the full month.

If you're looking for a cute journal with lots of practical pages, this printable product is exactly what you need.


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY dee

Weekly Productivity Planner PLR


Do you know Productivity and Organizing is the most popular niche among planner community?

There are a lot of planners in the market but not many of them include projects at the heart of weekly and daily planning. This PLR productivity planner will help you cut the shiny objects and get those projects done that matter the most for your profitability. Offer this to your customer and gain a competitive advantage in the productivity planner niche. Add your creativity to these pages without starting from scratch.


DONE-FOR-YOU journal BY Christina Deptulski

Celebrate Gratitude Journal


Done-for-you, charming 38 page Celebrate Gratitude Journal with a decorative background and easy to modify Black and White version. It also comes with a PDF version (to turn around and sell immediately), and 8 unique and lovely digital papers 8.5 inches X 11 inches.

Comes with commercial rights that you can upload and sell right away from your site, or modify and sell on Etsy to make money online!

You don’t have to spend hours to create or be a designer to sell these beautiful printables.

All products are digital. Nothing will be shipped.

Terms of Use for Gratitude Journal:
•Use for your own personal use.
•Modify & giveaway as a lead magnet.
•Sell it in PDF or JPG (flattened format). Your customer will get PERSONAL USE rights ONLY.
•Put your branding on the planner.
•Modify add to these pages before selling this item.
•Sell it on Etsy, Shopify, your own website. Please respect the marketplaces rules before doing so. If you choose to sell in any marketplace, please be aware that it is your responsibility to abide by their terms

BONUS 8 Lovely Digital Papers
You will receive:
• 8 unique digital papers
• Blue, Pink, Sepia, Green, Purple, Aqua, Gray, & Orange
• 8 PNG files
• digital papers are 8.5 in X 11 in
• 300 dpi
Use these lovely digital papers to create beautiful planners.
Terms of Use Digital Papers
What You Can Do:
• You can use the digital papers to create covers and decorate planners, journals…
• Make sure your final products are flattened in PDF format or physical end products to sell to your customer for personal use only.
• You can incorporate the digital papers as part of your product to sell.
• These digital papers cannot be the main end product.
• Modify the papers to add your personal touch.


DONE-FOR-YOU planner BY Ruth Bowers

Autumn Leaves Dated Weekly Planner


Get a jump on the Q4 Planner season with this Autumn Leaves Dated Weekly Planner. The planner runs from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022 so you can create any number of 15, 12, 6, and 3 month planners from the pages. Includes both full color and greyscale options and comes in easily editable PPT format, plus ready to publish PDF and JPG formats.


gift certificate BY HELEN ROSS

$27 Gift Certificate - To be used for any digital



A $27 gift certificate for you to use towards anything digital in my shop. Choose from over 500 digital products.  


planner BY cherina Booker

Business content planner PLR


The Cherie La Vie Designs Business & Content Planner has been designed with your customers in mind! Included in the planner are 37 pages for goal setting, business information & branding, social media, product and course planning & monthly, quarterly, yearly and weekly schedule organizes. The eye-catching design has been created to seamlessly coordinate both included covers. This product comes with PLR and can be used as is OR edited before selling.


planner BY DiAnne Belin

Stress free holiday planner


Our Stress Free Holiday Planner can help you stay calm during one of the most stressful times of the year. This 35 page planner can help you organize your holiday season and create one of the most memorable holidays ever!

Stress Free Holiday Planner includes:

•Cover Page

•Undated Planner

•2021 Dated Planner

•Grocery List

•Guest RSVP

•Gift List


•Holiday Card List

•Meal Planning

•Baking Recipe Card

•Recipe Card

•Weekly To Do

•Stocking Stuffer List

•Cyber Monday


•Holiday Bucket List

•Black Friday Shopping

•Journal Page

•Family Quote and more

The Stress Free Holiday Planner template comes in 8.5 x 11” size. . . it's a PDF Template and has 35 pages. This planner comes with Commercial Use. You have full commercial rights to rebrand it how you please.

You could use this planner as personal use planner or sell it on Etsy, Shopify website or create a book or journal for Amazon and collect collect royalty payments. You CAN NOT resell the Powerpoint template as PLR or commercial rights. You CAN NOT resell the PDF template for PLR or commercial rights.


digital paper BY Shannon Furrow

Textured Paper Pack 


Get 60 original and unique textured digital papers to use in your low-content creation business. The papers come in 6 colors and 10 different textures. You can use them in journals, planners, calendars, to make stickers, gift tags, bookmarks and whatever else you can think of. This pack also includes120 Done For You journal pages, both lined and blank, and there are 12 dated 2022 monthly calendar pages made with the textured papers as well as a year at a glance page. You can edit the journal and calendar pages in PowerPoint so you can change the backgrounds, add text and other graphics or just mix and match with the digital papers to make your own unique products to sell on Etsy or your own website.


bundle BY Kim Mickelsen

The Ultimate 4-in-1 Healthy Habits Bundle


Grab these Canva templates today and save yourself hours with this ULTIMATE Healthy Habits 4-in-1 Fitness & Wellness bundle!
The four HOT topic template bundles are Self-Care, Self-Development, Health & Fitness & Beauty & Skin Care.
Here’s what you can do with this planner template bundle:

* Comes with commercial rights so you can sell it!
* You can take pages from the bundle and use them as freebie lead magnets to grow your email list!
* You can add this bundle to your Etsy, Shopify, or website and start selling it today!
* You can customize this bundle and change colors, fonts, texts, add your logo, etc.

The Health & Fitness Bundle includes:
Cover, My Fitness Goals Tracker, Daily Fitness Tracker, Weekly Fitness Tracker, Monthly Fitness Tracker, Weekly Menu / Groceries, Daily Food Journal, Eat For A Better You Tracker, 30 Day Fitness Challenge Tracker, Daily Wins Tracker, Notes

The Self-Care Tracker Bundle includes:
Cover, Selfcare/Self-Love Journal x2, 30 Day Healthy Habit Pep Talk Challenge, 30 Day Sleep Tracker, Selfcare Ideas, Selfcare Calendar, Vitamin/Supplement Tracker, Gratitude Journal, Mood Journal, What I Love About Myself Journal, Notes

The Personal-Growth Bundle includes:
Cover, Self Reflection (1), Self Reflection (2), Areas of Growth Tracker, Mind & Body Goals, Goal Outline, Goals For Each Month, Encouraging Words For Down Times, Notes

The Skincare/Beauty Bundle includes:
Cover, Daily Skin-care Tracker, My Beauty Product Wish List, Daily Skin Diary, Weekly Self-care Tracker, Skin-care Tips, Beauty Appointment Tracker, Vitamin/Supplement Tracker, Notes

That's 4 bundles that are YOURS to use today!


Coloring Pages by Lady rayven monique

Ohio Bucket List Coloring Pages


32 PLR Coloring Pages + 4 Social Media Images featuring fun tourist attractions in the state of Ohio. Includes 8 state symbols hidden throughout the pages!

From the Pancakes and Pigs Sculpture of Goodness to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, walk your customers through fun tourist attractions they'll be ready to add to their bucket list. 


Tools, Templates & Resources

Freelance Survival Pack by Susan Palmquist

Freelance Survival Pack


Thinking about becoming a freelancer?

 Maybe you’re currently working for someone else but have the urge to venture out on your own.

Perhaps you’ve lost your job or sense job loss or reduced hours are on the horizon

A side gig might be calling your name.

Taking that first step can be daunting.

Where do I start?

How do I keep track of my work?

How do I stay motivated?

How do I keep track of my hours and money owed?


 Stationery Kit Bundle Pack by Stephanie Hansen

Strawberry Sundae Stationery Kit Bundle


This Strawberry Sundae Stationery Kit Bundle is a fabulous package of 4 sets of strawberry chocolate designs, perfect for a wide variety of uses, which comes with a cover/background image plus 39 templates in each kit – for a total of 160 pages – complete with commercial use rights so you can use them with:

– journals
– planners
– calendars
– background pages
– puzzles
– and other projects

Mix and match for endless design ideas! These kits and templates will enhance any of your creations simply and easily and make them stand out from the crowd, giving you multiple opportunities to benefit. The kits come in 8.5″ x 11″ size and 300dpi JPG format, suitable for both digital and print designs.


planner and journal by Elizabeth J Neal

30-Day Etsy Planner and Etsy Journal + Bonus- Etsy Checklist


30-Day Etsy Planner and Etsy Journal + Bonus- Etsy Checklist
10 - Unique Workspace Pages
This Etsy Planner includes 55-Pages to get you through a 30-Day Period of Planning, Listing, Selling, and Tracking.
Each page is geared towards keeping track of your "Etsy Store" for 30-Days.
Cover Included: Blue Plaid
Size - 8 x 10
30-Day Etsy Journal
3-Unique Pages
63 - Page Etsy Journal for Planning and Recording notes.
Page 1 - Note taking and sketches.
Page - 2 Items to list, Successful Items, Items to Edit, and Keywords.
Cover Included: Blue and Lavender
Size - 8 x 10
dpi - 300


digital paper by Kimberly Hamilton

Bohemian Dreams Digital Paper


Seamless Bohemian inspired digital papers featuring natural colors in various rich hues of Bodhi Brown , Cinnamon, Desert Sand, Ginger, Persian, Peruvian, Poetic Pink, and Spice Market - all in high resolution, 300 DPI, PNG format. 8 Unique packs containing 12 digital papers each. Commercial Use Rights


POD Designs by Marharyta Rzaieva

The POD Designs Club - Unicorn Designs


Spice up your low-content publications with these studio-quality Unicorn designs from the POD Designs Club. Unicorns are still going hot and strong. These unicorn designs will be delivered in AI, PNG and SVG formats for further use by you in your publishing program of choice. With our best-in-class POD license you can use in almost every aspect of your publishing business, even with the ones you sell as PLR (as long as it's altered as stated in the license).


Total Value:


Inside this Content Creation Collection Toolbox 45 product that include: 

  • 15 Done-For-You Content Bundles & Products 
  • 2 Social Media Inspiration & Quote Graphics 
  • 4 Training Programs on how to use your content 
  • 18 DFY Low Content Products that include Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Coloring Pages
  • 7 Templates, Tools, Resources  that includes Canva Templates, Plugins, Software & Personal Use Planners.

You get access to EVERYTHING for a ridiculous deal!  Save 98%


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get All The Products From The Content Creation Collection Toolbox?

Once you purchase the Toolbox you'll be sent an email to access the download page.  This page has links to each person's product.  

You'll sign up for the products that you want.  

What Will I Get?

You'll get a total of 45 products.  Here is a breakdown of them all:

15 Done-For-You Content Bundles & Products
2 Social Media Inspiration & Quote Graphics
4 Training Programs on how to use your content some are even specific for PLR
17 DFY Low Content Products that include Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Coloring Pages
7 Templates, Tools, Resources that includes Canva Templates, Plugins, Software & Personal Use Planners.

Will I Use All Of These Products?

Probably not.  Don't get overwhelmed with all the products - sign up for the ones that are going to hep you in your business right now.

How Much Time Do I Have To Download All The Products?

The deadline to download all of these products is Friday, December 31st (midnight) 

Can I Get This Toolbox Later?

There are two times you can purchase this Toolbox.  The first set of dates is from September 29th to October 3rd.

The second dates are  Wednesday, November 10th to Tuesday, November 16th.  

You'll get the same deadline to download for both purchase times.

What's The Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of the done-for-you content packs and low content products - there is no refund.

These products are downloadable immediately and you can use them in your business - so we're unable to give you a discount.

What Are The Terms Of Use For Each Product?

On the download page each product has the terms of their product.  For a more in depth understanding of how you can use them please visit the person's product you have questions on or email them to ask.

Here are some of the terms:

Personal use

Commercial use

Private label rights

Commercial use and private label rights means that you can download, personalize and use in your business as your own.  Yes, these were specifically designed with this purpose in mind and the product creators won't get mad.  :)

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