Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to figure out the best way to make the most of your PLR? 

Well, with the 30 Day PLR Challenge, you don't have to worry anymore!


Get the most out of your 30 Day PLR Challenge with our daily emails full of tasks and useful tips.

Private Label Rights is one of the best resources you'll discover, BUT there is a lot of confusion, overwhelm, and frustration that comes with it because people don't know what they're allowed to do with it or how to use it.  

This challenge is perfect if this sounds like you or if you're a beginner and need to know the basics.

Over the course of the 30 Day PLR Challenge, you'll build useful skills and develop a better understanding of how to use PLR content effectively.  

I want you to finish the challenge, so I've broken it up into small action steps.

With the 30 Day PLR Challenge, you can get the most out of your PLR investments.

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Are you ready to take the challenge and become a better online marketer? 

Just follow the simple steps and before you know it, you’ll be able to create content to help boost your brand and website. From learning about your terms, to finding the best resources for images, the PLR Challenge has you covered. 

During this actionable challenge, you're going to....

  • Learn to create social media content from PLR 
  • Strategies to rewrite PLR content to add to your blog
  • Make done-for-you content SEO friendly
  • Monetize your blog content with affiliate programs that work with your site
  • Create a report for a freebie or tripwire
  • Plus much more...

This Challenge walks you through how to use your PLR content.  Some days are going to have action tasks that require you to do five minutes of work, while others might take longer.

Please also note, that in the challenge I've designated days to for set up landing pages and figuring out what delivery method you'll use for your report, but I don't go into details about how to do this, but you'll be given ideas and suggestions on what I do.  These steps are outside the tasks of the challenge.  

The goal for this challenge is that you learn how to use your PLR.  


This 30-day challenge will take you through a step-by-step process to help you get the most out of your PLR.

You will receive an email each day with a task or useful tip to help you get the most out of your PLR.

So, get ready to take your PLR journey to the next level!

Plus you won't be alone.....

Each day you'll get an email with actionable steps to follow.

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Post daily in the Facebook group when you're done.

Who Is This Challenge For?

  •  If you're new to private label rights
  • People who have questions about how they can use PLR
  • Anyone who gets overwhelmed with the thought of using done-for-you content 
  • Creatives who want to learn how to effectively use PLR in their business
  • Online business owners who have a few minutes to complete daily tasks

What are you waiting for?!



I'm looking forward to using this content!  You have other good stuff too that might be useful in the days ahead, so I'll keep checking.  :)  I feel like you're an extended part of my "team".  Thanks for that.  Content is such a chore for me.  PLR makes life easier and who doesn't like that?  

Karen R Miller

Soul Centered Coach, ShiftKitchen.com


My name is April Lemarr.

Over the last few years, I’ve designed a life that allows freedom and flexibility by helping people just like you. I help bring your creative ideas to life with done-for-you content and products.

There is a huge need for content because people either don’t have time to create all that they need, they don't have the skill set, or they have grown their business and need help.  That help comes in the form of PLR.

And this is where this 5-day challenge will help you build your audience by creating journal prompts printables - they're a powerful way to grow your list.

You'll get action steps delivered by email.  You'll want to complete the steps, master them, and then incorporate them into your business processes.

I'm so excited that you're a participant in this challenge!

HURRY!  This training is only available for a limited time!

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